There's a Castle and a Crown for Every Cockroach in Every Town

by Latin For Truth



An acoustic ep written and recorded within a two week period in December 2011 by Latin For Truth. Lyrically celebrating the positive loss of innocence which leads to a loss of fear and eventually spiritual freedom or some shit like that.

Includes a pdf file of Charles's poetry book, Our Gorgeous Hell Raiser.


released March 12, 2012

Engineered by Adenine Owl
Mixed by Chris Wilson
Additional Instrumentation and String Arrangement by Chris Wilson
Guest Vocals by Timmi Sterritt, Hannah Jackson, and Jesse Clark



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Meander
and all the innocent went to bed
pulling the covers over their hearts and heads
full well knowing who would be coming soon
us, the roaches, to play
to play where they play
to live where they live
in the darkness of everything
the lack of light
the lack of happiness
we'd find our happiness
everything beautiful would be everything dark
and everything dark would be the light
so we played
we crept and we crawled
on the floors and the walls
and everything beautiful was everything dark
and everything dark was the light
and our happiness became everything that made them close their eyes tighter than the grip of god
and everything beautiful was dark
cause darkness is the light
Track Name: Punk Rock Lives in Texas
Texas is god's dirty basement
where punk rock shows are revivals for the heart
though we all love being cynical
when the beat kicks in we know where it starts
all the love we feel in Midland is lovelier than belief
not to leave Washington out of it
they're just as special to me
punk rock lives in texas
like it lives inside our van
among the dirty clothes from last year's tours
everlasting like the floorboard stained with trash and sand
Track Name: Five Years From Now Isn't Five Years Ago
uppers and downers
qualudes, methaphetamine
these are a few of my friends favorite things
got clean friends, happy staring into the sun
but some vacation in hell, happily tanning along lakes of fire
always a story to tell like the pen guides itself
across their lives, acing depravity
but we all know
yeah we all know
what the problem is
haven’t had a job in years
school's long gone, beyond your youth
who picks up the bill for every scrap that goes in your mouth
seems to me that mythic god is helping you out
oh what a luxury to see your train arrive on time everyday
always somewhere to bail, leaving me down and out
across our history I can see where this should be,
Track Name: From God's Mouth To Buddha's Ass
what happens when you preach god to the devoted
circle jerk of influence and insolence?
nothing’s sacred after you see the true light
there’s no truth or light wherever we begin
change your pissiness to wine
so I can drink it till I’m blind
now the distance grows with age
I care less and less everyday
but to those younger than I
don’t hide who you are inside
ugly is exactly what what ugly does
keep your hands in your pockets, life will bloom
fuck your friends unless you see them around in five years
everyone’s running in different directions
Track Name: Abby (in a scent, deth)
pages wet
in a scent
colors left
survive the wreck
what a mess
what a gorgeous mess
now holidays
are everyday
saint patrick’s day
to halloween
I spend most my time pretending
mostly thinking
sense to be made
sense to be felt
tense to confusion
I feel how I live
I feel inempt
my band will tour
keep looking forward
the thing to do is to do
the only thing I can do
the one thing I will do
cause in a scent
in a sense
is a boring death
boring people boring people
smells like death